Summer Celebrate Safely

The Florida Department of Transportation’s District Two Community Traffic Safety Program created a summer edition of “Recipes for the Road.” We promote simple safety messages along with delicious, non-alcoholic “mocktail” drink recipes, heart-healthy recipes, and food recipes. Our goal is to promote positive driving behaviors all year and reduce impaired driving crashes, injuries, and fatalities on our roadways.

Please help spread the message of celebrating safely with these cool summer “Recipes for the Road.” Download and share these traffic safety tips and recipes. Remember to tag us @trafficsafetyteam on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, or @trafficsafetyfl on Twitter and Pinterest. Hashtag #celebratesafely #trafficsafetyteam

Summer Celebrate Safely Digital Recipe Cards:

Click to download and print or post on social media. Provided by FDOT Community Traffic Safety Program.

Recipes For The Road Card

In 2021, we distributed Summer Celebrate Safely “Recipes for the Road” cards printed as double-sided, 5.5″ x 8.5″ handouts in full color. They were available for our Northeast Florida Traffic Safety Team members, partners, organizations, and local communities.

In 2019, there were almost 2,000 reported crashes, with 109 fatalities involving impaired driving throughout the Northeast Florida district. That is 109 deaths that could have been prevented. This summer and throughout the year, remember to celebrate safely always!

Summer Mocktail Recipe Videos:

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Drive safe. Drive sober. If you plan to drink, designate a driver or schedule a cab/ride-share/Uber/Lyft for a safe ride home.

Traffic Safety Talk Newsletter

Welcome to our Traffic Safety Talk newsletter – the FDOT District Two Community Traffic Safety Program (CTSP) news and information update. Each issue includes recent projects, community outreach events, and safety campaigns. We discuss Traffic Safety Team materials and resources available for members. Digital flipbooks of the most recent newsletters are available. Additionally, we have included the PDF documents below to view current and past editions.

Current Traffic Safety Talk News Update • June 2024 Flip Book:

Click here for the new June Traffic Safety Talk PDF file. In this Data-Driving Insight and Strategy for Traffic Safety issue, various topics and projects include:

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2023 Annual Report with Crash Data

We are providing the FDOT District Two Community Traffic Safety Program (CTSP) 2023 Annual Report with crash data as a resource for our local team members, agencies, and partners. In addition, we have crash fact sheets for each of the 18 Northeast Florida counties in our district.

2023 Annual Report with Crash Data

CTSP 2023 Annual Report with Crash Data

The annual report includes highlights and crash data from our 18-county district. These crash fact reports are a great evaluation tool as we work toward reducing injuries and deaths on our roadways and helping build a “traffic safety culture.” This culture prioritizes safety, encourages safe road user behavior, and facilitates stakeholder cooperation. Click here to view our FDOT D2 CTSP Annual Report PDF.

In 2023, the District Two Community Traffic Safety Teams successfully facilitated engineering concerns and assisted in distributing safety materials and education outreach efforts within their communities. These achievements, driven by local data to address concerns focused on the Strategic Highway Safety Plan emphasis areas, are a testament to our commitment and progress towards Target Zero goals.

District Two Crash Data Summaries

This year, we created individual crash fact sheets for all 18 counties with crash, fatality, and serious injury totals from 2023 and the previous four years. They align with the Strategic Highway Safety Plan emphasis areas. These areas, which cover roadways, user behaviors, and road users, are critical to our current safety initiatives. The fact sheets provide key takeaways for each emphasis area, such as the number of crashes during daylight vs. night, male vs. female, and urban vs. rural factors, highlighting the relevance of the data to our targeted messaging.

In conclusion, these reports and crash facts are great evaluation tools. They assist us as we work toward reducing injuries and deaths on our roadways. This culture prioritizes safety and encourages safe road user behavior. 

Traffic Safety Bookmarks

25 Years of Bookmarks!

The Northeast Florida Community Traffic Safety Program started developing relationships with local libraries and schools in 1999. Traffic safety tips for kids were shared primarily on bookmarks, which led to activity books, tip cards, and even schoolbook cover wraps. In 2017, we targeted messages toward drivers and children on our bookmarks. In 2021, activity cards were created for libraries with bike, walk, ride, and drive safe education and puzzles like crosswords, mazes, word searches, and coloring activities.

This year, we are showcasing a new bookmark with our rural, country-themed “Life is a journey” campaign. The messages encourage positive driving behaviors to tackle aggressive speeding, distracted driving, impaired driving, and buckling up. We have an updated traffic safety bookmark with cute animals targeted at young children. Another bookmark focuses on occupant protection for all passengers and child passenger safety. Finally, we created one for preteens and young adults with pedestrian and bicycle safety reminders. Here’s a sneak peek.

New Bookmarks Coming to a Library Near You in 2024!

Life is a Journey. Focus on Driving bookmark
Life is a journey–Slow down!
Walk 'n Roll Safely bookmark for kids
Walk ‘n Roll Safely Kids!
Protect Your Precious Cargo, Always Buckle Up bookmark
Protect Your Precious Cargo!
Take Action for Your Safety bookmark for teens
Take Action for Your Safety!

Even in today’s digital world, our bookmarks have continued to be popular. Traffic safety materials are available in bookmobiles and neighborhood library branches throughout District Two’s 18 county libraries.

Previous Traffic Safety Bookmarks

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Signal Four Analytics

On April 24, 2024, the District Two Traffic Safety Program held a virtual Districtwide Discussion about the power of data. The informational presentation offered an in-depth overview of FDOT Target Zero’s Signal Four Analytics public dashboard. Most importantly, these crash facts and research data are available to help improve traffic safety.

Signal Four Analytics Dashboard Overview Video

Tracking Target ZERO with Signal Four Analytics

  • County-specific crash fact reports with different Strategic Highway Safety emphasis areas are provided at monthly Traffic Safety Team meetings.
  • Safety grant funds are dependent upon data-based facts.
  • Understanding the data will help understand roadway and driver behaviors to make improvements, reduce fatalities, and work toward the Target ZERO.
  • Signal Four Analytics, Florida’s traffic safety public dashboard, is free and easy to use. 

Data-Driving Insight and Strategy

Our new rural-inspired campaign is an example of looking at the numbers and using that data to promote safer roads. After studying national reports and FDOT Target Zero’s Signal Four Analytics, we developed a country-themed “Buckle Up and Slow Down” message.

speeding, aggressive drivers, occupant protection, Country Buckle Up Belt and Slow Down Belt Buckle

We found an overrepresentation of fatality and injury crashes with young men, ages 18–24, in Northeast Florida rural counties caused by speeding and lower safety belt usage. We want young male drivers to change their attitudes about speeding and realize it’s not worth the risk to their lives or future. The goal is to make buckling up and driving at safe speeds the social norm. To learn more, go to our Slow Down post.

Levy and Suwannee are two counties in Northeast Florida with a population under 44,000. Compared with other similarly sized counties in Florida, they are ranked most problematic (#1 and #3) in terms of speed and teen drivers, per the FY2024 Highway Safety Matrix.

Population is one factor not included in the Signal Four Analytics but often needs to be considered. We’ve had substantial population growth in our 18-county district, some counties much more than others. This graph shows the continual increase in our Northeast Florida area.

Together, we can enhance community traffic safety with crash data and Signal Four Analytics.