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Traffic Safety

Community Traffic Safety Program Educational Materials and Campaigns

Northeast Florida Community Traffic Safety Program is proud to distribute a wide variety of important safety materials. These educational resources promote good driving behaviors. Key traffic safety tips and information are available for free. The goal is to reduces crashes and prevent serious injuries and fatalities.

Yield sign with seatbeltYield sign with babyYield sign with bikeYield sign with walkerYield sign with not phone symbolYield sign with no drinking symbol
Occupant ProtectionChild Passenger SafetyBicycle SafetyPedestrian SafetyDistracted DrivingImpaired Driving
Yield sign with bus and kidsYield sign with kids crossongYield sign with motorcycleYield sign with deerYield sign with ATV
School Bus SafetySafety for KidsMotorcycle SafetyRural DrivingATV Safety

The following topics cover top concerns on our local roadways:

  • Occupant Protection
  • Child Passenger Safety
  • Impaired Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Motorcycle Safety
  • School Bus Safety
  • Traffic Safety for Kids
  • Rural Driving
  • ATV Safety

Key Traffic Emphasis Areas

Since 1994, community-based traffic safety programs have been effective in providing solutions to local crash problems in Northeast Florida. FDOT District Two’s Community Traffic Safety Program has developed ongoing safety strategies. We address roadway emphasis areas, like lane departures and intersections. User behavior is a big component for drivers and passengers to wear their safety seat belts, as well as stopping impaired, distracted, and aggressive driving. Additionally, road users cover bicyclists, pedestrians, aging drivers, motorcyclists, teen drivers, and commercial operators. New content and materials are frequently added.

The majority of these traffic related issues target user behavior. Together we can create a culture of safety. Each topic covered offers a guidelines for drivers and includes Florida laws. These are great reminders for motorists.

For example, top concerns include impaired driving, distracted driving, and occupant protect safety belt use. Child passenger safety information focuses on the education of proper installation and use of child safety seats. Pedestrian and bicycle safety helps protect vulnerable road users. Motorcycle safety is for riders and tips for motorists.

Additionally, with many rural counties in our district, discussing ATV safety and safe rural driving is vital. Finally, we have many resources to share with children. Parents, teachers and caregivers can help encourage good habits with free coloring pages and activity books. It’s never too early, or too late, to teach safe rules of the road.