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Team Materials

The Northeast Florida Community Traffic Safety Program aims to reduce the number and severity of crashes. Together with our Traffic Safety Teams, we identify, develop, implement, and evaluate safety and traffic operational strategies. The drop-down menus below include a variety of team materials and resources.

Traffic Safety Reports, Resources, and Information

2021 Team Materials, Presentations, and Newsletters

2020 Team Materials, Presentations, and Newsletters

These traffic safety resources, materials, reports and information are provided to assist our Community Traffic Safety Teams (CTSTs). These teams are locally based groups of highway safety advocates who meet regularly and are committed to solving traffic safety problems through a comprehensive, multi-jurisdictional, and multi-disciplinary approach. Members include city, county and state officials in collaboration with private businesses and citizens.

Common Goals

The common goal of our CTSTs is to reduce the number and severity of traffic crashes within each community based on their geographical areas. Safety efforts are focused in the areas of planning, design, construction, education, and maintenance programs. We provide traffic safety engineering expertise to the public and serve as transportation safety champions. 

Over recent years, we have expanded our outreach on social media platforms. The great advantage of online networking and social media is that it is immediate, it gathers like-minded people together, it’s interactive, and can be used to get information out to a wide audience quickly.

We use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest to provide and share pertinent information to promote safe driving habits. Through education and community partnerships we can ensure safer roadways for everyone.

Become an active Community Traffic Safety Team Virtual VolunteerThree easy steps and just a little bit of your time could help reduce injuries and fatalities on our roadways. Click here to check out our latest blog post with more details and the benefits of being a Traffic Safety Team Virtual Volunteer.