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Safety for Kids

Education is Key in Traffic Safety for Kids

The FDOT District 2 Community Traffic Safety Program has developed, printed, and distributed activity books throughout 18 Northeast Florida counties. The goal is to help improve safety for kids and reduce injuries and fatalities in our community. This two-part flip book is great for elementary-age children and also older preteens.  

These important traffic safety messages and activities can be downloaded for free to share with the children in our communities. They cover a wide range of topics, including child passenger safety (CPS), occupant protection, pedestrian safety, bike and helmet safety, ATV off-road safety, and school bus dangers and safety.

Other key safety concerns for kids include swimming, sports, fire hazards, and general everyday safety tips. We’ve got mazes, puzzles, coloring, games, crosswords, word searches, scrambles, trivia, and safety checklists to keep the kids engaged while emphasizing valuable safety knowledge. We hope these life-saving reminders will help prevent injuries and fatalities as we work towards the goal of Target Zero.

Safety for Kids
Cool Kids Know Safety Rules! Have FUN. Be SAFE. – 2023 Activity Flip Book

Safety Scores! On your way to school, at home, and off to play.

In addition to the printed activity books, we created individual activity sheets as a resource for teachers, parents, and caregivers. They are 8.5 x 11 size printable pages. Free to download, print, and share. Below you will find past and present traffic safety activity sheets for kids of all ages. Important safety tips and fun activities for young kids. Suitable for ages ten and under. Work alone or together with a teacher, parent, or caregiver.

Traffic Safety for Elementary Kids Activity Book Covers

Traffic Safety for Elementary Kids – Three activity book designs to choose from. Click the dropdown bars to view and download activity sheets.

Walk Safety

Bike Safety

Child Passenger Safety

School Bus Safety

ATV Safety

Home and Fire Safety

Swim, Sports and Play Safety

Up Your Safety Game! Phone Down. Eyes Up. Buckle Up!

Older kids need reminders of important, life-saving safety tips too. These fun and informational activity sheets are great for kids ages 10 to 15.

Traffic Safety for Preteen Kids Activity Book Covers
Preteen Traffic Safety – Three cool designs to check out and share. Click the dropdown menu bars for free activity sheets.

Walk Safety

Bike Safety

Passenger Safety

School Bus and ATV Safety

Home and Fire Safety

Swim and Sports Safety

Additional resources, coloring pages, and videos available:

Other free child safety downloadable pages from your Traffic Safety Team:

Connect the Dots: Danger Zone – Bus Stop Safety

Crosswords: Car Seat and Pedestrian Safety

Drawing/Coloring: Fire, Biking and Home Safety

Mazes: Swim, Walking and Halloween Safety

Puzzles: Sport and ATV Safety

Word Search: Super Smart Safety for Kids