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School Bus Safety

No Regrets When You DRIVE WITH CARE and STOP For School Buses

Back-to-school traffic safety reminders. Please help keep our children safe when they travel to and from school. Follow these safety tips and laws.

School Bus Safety Rules for Drivers

  • Learn and obey the school bus laws, traffic signals and speed limits.
  • Slow down near bus stop and watch out for kids.
  • Be sure to acquaint yourself with the flashing light system that school bus drivers use to alert motorists. 
  • Yellow flashing lights mean that the school bus is preparing to stop. Motorists should slow down and be ready to stop their vehicles. 
  • Red flashing lights and an extended stop arm indicate that the school bus has stopped, and children are boarding or exiting. 
  • Two-lane road: all vehicles in both directions must stop. 
  • On a divided highway with a raised median, unpaved space, or a physical barrier of at least five feet: vehicles traveling in the opposite direction are not required to stop. 
  • Divided highway where no median or barrier exists: all vehicles are mandated to stop.

School Bus Safety Reminders for Students

  • Arrive early. 
  • Don’t push or cut in line.
  • Stay out of the “danger zone,” 10 steps away from the bus.
  • Wait for the bus driver to open the door before trying to get on.
  • Keep aisle clear of your backpack, bag, or books.
  • Talk quietly during the entire bus ride. 
  • Keep your hands, arms, and head inside the bus at all times.
  • Walk in front of the bus to cross the street, never behind it.
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school bus safety

Motorists should always follow the law and drive carefully – especially when driving in school zones and around school buses! 

The penalty for failure to stop for a school bus with its stop-arm extended and flashing red lights activated is $200. 

Never pass a school bus on the right-hand side, where children are loading and unloading. Illegally passing on the side where children enter or exit is $400. 

Florida law prohibits the use of a wireless communications device in a handheld manner while driving in a designated school crossing, school zone, or active work zone area. 

Click here to learn more about Florida’s School Bus Safety laws.

School Bus Traffic Safety
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Free Resources

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Keep calm and stop for the bus!
Activity Sheet for Kids

Visit our “Safety for Kids” web page. You will find more child safety and bus stop safety resources, tips, and activity sheets.