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Occupant Protection

One Click Does The Trick for Occupant Protection

Occupant Protection Safety Message: “Always Buckle Up… For Your Family, For Yourself, for LIFE.” No Regrets When You BUCKLE UP

As part of our “No Regrets When You Drive With Care” traffic safety campaign, these seat belt safety tip cards are easy handouts as quick reminders to always wear your seat belt.

  • Wear your seat belt for every ride.
  • Buckling up is the single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself in a crash.
  • Secure children in the proper child safety seat.
  • Safety belt use isn’t just a good idea, IT’S THE LAW.

A variety of tip cards have been distributed through all of our 18 counties in Northeast Florida District Two. They include our buckled up heart, family buckled up, “Buckle Up Religiously: and a rural “Be Tough Enough to Buckle Up!”

Safety belts save lives! Wear your safety belt across your shoulder and your waist. By law, front seat drivers and passengers AND backseat passengers under age 18 MUST wear a safety belt in Florida!

Download this free Safety Belt Survey for young passengers transitioning from a booster seat.
Occupant Protection
Share our #TrafficSafetyFL Always Buckle Up digital tip card

Occupant Protection Free Resources

Be a Community Traffic Safety Team “Virtual Volunteer”. Share these bike safety reminders on your social media accounts. Don’t forget to tag us! @trafficsafetyteam on Facebook and Instagram or @trafficsafetyfl on Twitter and Pinterest.

Phone Down Buckle Up
Phone Down Buckle Up
Buckle UP Family Traffic Safety Tip Card
Buckle Up Religiously Traffic Safety Tip Card
Buckle Up Heart Traffic Safety Tip Card

Banners and Posters

Buckling up every time you get in a vehicle is not only a safety tool that saves lives and prevents injuries, but a safe lifestyle. Read more on our “Occupant Protection” blogpost.

Three design themes:
Retro Style – Phone Down. Buckle Up.
EKG Lifeline – Seat Belts Save Lives. Always Buckle Up!
Seat Belt Angel – Be Prepared. Be Protected. Buckle Up Religiously!

Banners and posters


Double-sided safety bookmarks are distributed to libraries throughout our community with buckle up safety tips for drivers and passengers.

Bookmarks - Occupant Protection Safety Message