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Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving is a Primary Focus of Traffic Safety 

“If only I had turned my phone off.” No Regrets When You DRIVE WITH CARE and STOP Distracted Driving

When motorists divert their attention away from the task of driving to focus on another activity, they become a danger on the road. Distracting tasks can affect drivers in different ways. The three types are: manual, visual and cognitive. Florida crash reports allow officers to report driver distraction in the following categories: distracted by electronic communication devices, other electronic devices, other distraction inside the vehicle, external distraction, texting or general inattentiveness.

Prevent serious regrets by stopping cell phone usage when driving. No texting or checking emails. Do not go on any of your social media or other apps. Eliminating distractions means to stop using all electronic devices, mapping out your route before starting on the road, reducing the noise level, no eating or drinking while driving, stopping all other activities not related to driving your vehicle and focus on road.

Distracted driving is NOT just from cell phones, but also includes:

  • Talking to passengers
  • Eating
  • Adjusting the radio
  • Reaching for items in the backseat
  • Putting on cosmetics
  • Anything that takes your attention away from the roadway
Distracted Driving
Share our #TrafficSafetyFL Distracted Driving digital tip card

No Regrets When You Stop Distractions. Stay happy and alive – focus on driving. Phone down, eyes up! This is a simple message everyone can get behind when driving. Below is an emoji PSA video and sticker sheet with additional key safety messages targeted toward teens and young drivers.

Emoji Sticker Safety Flyer

Free Resources

Digital Tip Cards for Printing and Sharing on Social Media

Be a Community Traffic Safety Team “Virtual Volunteer”. Share these distracted driving reminders on your social media accounts. Don’t forget to tag us! @trafficsafetyteam on Facebook and Instagram or @trafficsafetyfl on Twitter and Pinterest.

Put Your Phone Down Tip Card
Stay Happy & Alive Focus On Driving Tip Card
Distracted Driving
Distracted Driving tip card


Distracted driving safety bookmarks are distributed to libraries throughout our community with safety reminders for drivers. Motorists are a primary target of our traffic safety messages. The bookmarks remind drivers to “FOCUS on DRIVING!” They also include great tips and laws.

Safety Bookmark - Distracted Driving Safety Message