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Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrians are vulnerable road users. Whether walking for enjoyment, exercise, or engaged in work on the roadway, they need to be safe. Our goal is to increase driver awareness and education on pedestrian safety.

Pedestrian Safety is a Key Focus – “If only I’d been watching for pedestrians.” No Regrets When You DRIVE WITH CARE – Message targeted towards drivers.

  • Stop for pedestrians crossing at every intersection.
  • Stop before turning right on red. 
  • Look in all directions before making a turn. 
  • Do not pass a vehicle that is stopping for pedestrians.
  • Obey traffic laws, signals, and speed limits.

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB)

RRFB Tips for pedestrians: Activate the signal by pushing the button. Wait for the lights to flash. Step to the curb and wait for traffic to stop. Cross the road while constantly monitoring traffic

RRFB Tips for Florida drivers: If you approach an RRFB and the lights are flashing, and a pedestrian is present, you must come to a complete stop, at the stop bar. Remain stopped until the pedestrians are across the roadway. You may proceed with caution after the pedestrians have cleared the roadway.

Stop for Pedestrians artwork
Share this #TrafficSafetyTeam Stop on Red pedestrian safety tip card

Free Resources

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Walkers tip card for pedestrian safety
Drivers tip card
Stop for Pedestrians tip card
Walk Safe Road Rules for Pedestrians


Double-sided bookmarks were distributed to libraries throughout our 18 counties in Northeast Florida with pedestrian safety tips for drivers and pedestrians.

Bookmark - Pedestrian Safety Message


Poster and flyers were distributed which included both bicycle and pedestrian safety. Click here to view and print this Share the Road traffic safety flyer.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office promoted this safety message on large, digital billboards. The City of St. Augustine, Police Department and Sheriff’s Office joined forces in St. Johns County to promote these biking, walking and driving safe messages, including posting billboards in high traffic areas around the county.

Safety for KIDS: Be Smart. Walk Safe. Check out our safety activity sheets for children.