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Motorcycle Safety

Important motorcycle safety tips, messages and resources.

“If only I’d been watching for motorcyclists.” No Regrets When You DRIVE WITH CARE and LOOK FOR MOTORCYCLISTS.

We’re sure you’ve heard of the saying, “Look twice, safe a life,” and it’s a great message to recall whenever driving.

These are some basic motorcycle safety rules of the road ALL motorists should follow:

  • Obey the traffic laws, signals and speed limits.
  • Be extra alert, drive defensively and avoid tailgating.
  • Check side and rearview mirrors before changing lanes.
  • Look ahead to anticipate road hazards and traffic problems, especially at intersections.

Safe riding tips for motorcyclists:

  • Wear a helmet with a face shield or protective eye wear.
  • Wear protective gear, clothing, and boots.
  • Use reflective tape and brighter colors to help other drivers see you.
  • Always follow traffic rules and ride defensively.
  • Take riding courses to develop and keep riding skills sharp.
  • Ride sober and not when drowsy.
  • Make sure your motorcycle is fit for the road—check tires, look for leaks, test all lights, and check fluid levels.

Motorcycle safety tips for car/truck drivers:

  • Always watch out for motorcyclists on the road and be aware of your blind spots.
  • Double-check mirrors when turning, merging, or switching lanes.
  • Slow down when driving behind a motorcycle.
  • Leave plenty of room between you and a motorcycle … don’t tailgate.
  • Be sure to dim your high beams when passing at night.
  • Use your turn signals and be extra careful taking left turns.
  • Don’t drive drunk, drowsy or distracted.
Motorcycle Safety
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Free Resources

Social Media

Be a Community Traffic Safety Team “Virtual Volunteer”. Share these motorcycle safety reminders on your social media accounts. Don’t forget to tag us! @trafficsafetyteam on Facebook and Instagram or @trafficsafetyfl on Twitter and Pinterest.

Traffic safety tip cards were distributed throughout all of our 18 counties in Northeast Florida District Two as part of our Community Traffic Safety Program. They are a quick reminder to always look out for motorcyclists, drive safe and help reduce crashes, injuries and deaths on our roadways.

motorcycle safety ride responsibly
Motorcycle Safety
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Additional Motorcycle Safety Reference Materials Online:
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