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Become a virtual volunteer! As part of our Northeast Florida Department of Transportation’s Community Traffic Safety Program, we create and share original traffic safety reminders and tips on our social media channels several times per week! Topics include Florida’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan key emphasis areas to work towards zero fatalities and serious injuries on our local roadways.

Each year, we have thousands of combined views and impressions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube, but we need your help.

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Volunteering without being physically present is not new. For years, volunteers have been off-site and have used the telephone, fax and postal mail to communicate. However, the revolution in information technology has opened up many new possibilities for volunteering and giving back to your community.

Even prior to the COVID-19 healthcare crisis and social distancing, there has been an increase in working from home. Virtual volunteering is a wonderful way to take advantage of contributing volunteer work over the internet. Social media has opened the door to expand the reach of our traffic safety tips and campaigns.

Benefits of Virtual Volunteering:

  • Increase community awareness.
  • Minimal investment of your time.
  • Flexible to your schedule with no time constraints.
  • Easy and feels good to send positive messages.
  • Help reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities on your local roadways.

We also love sharing YOUR photos, stories and events! You can email us at Be sure to let us know how to tag and mention your organization on social media!

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Thank you for your time and consideration!

Traffic Safety Wise Words

The Northeast Florida CTSP launched the Wise Words safety campaign in 2018 with team member Walt Duffany’s Walt’s Wise Words. Walt began working with the District Two CTST when he was an FDOT Lake City shop supervisor. He retired from FDOT in 2015. He now serves as Deputy Reservist Coordinator for Columbia County Fire Rescue as a volunteer. Walt and his family moved to Florida from Watertown, New York in 1986. In New York, he worked for the Town of Adams highway department. He is also a Navy veteran and spent time in Vietnam. Thank you, Walt, for all of your clever safety messages and for your service!

When the campaign launched with Walt’s Wise Words, the graphic consisted of a car with a bumper sticker with a Wise Words slogan. It has since morphed into a campaign with colorful images, graphics and catchy phrases which are all original and created by District Two CTST team members. The traffic safety Wise Words are short, smart messages targeted to drivers. They are focused on a variety of topics like distracted, impaired, tailgating, turn signals, and buckling up. Additional traffic safety campaigns were created for Work Zone Awareness, Occupant Protection, Distracted Driving, Safe Distancing Driving, Stop on Red, and Impaired Driving, among others. 

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traffic safety wise words
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traffic safety wise words
traffic safety wise words
traffic safety wise words
traffic safety wise words

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About Florida’s CTSTs

For more than 20 years, community-based traffic safety programs have been effective in providing solutions to local crash problems. Community Traffic Safety Programs (CTSP) are an outgrowth of the successful impaired driving and occupant protection programs of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Historically, CTSPs combined traffic safety strategies to address local problems such as impaired driving and infrequent use of child safety seats and belts. Citizen advocacy groups, law enforcement, businesses, health and education agencies, courts, and the media joined efforts by forming coalitions with elected officials and community leaders to develop solutions to local traffic safety problems. 

The first CTST in Florida was formed in 1991 in Polk County to address roadway issues on the Florida Avenue corridor. The model expanded, and by 1994 there were 15 CTSTs in Florida formed to address community issues. 

FDOT District 2 (Northeast Florida) CTSP

In 1994, the first CTST in District 2 (Northeast Florida) was formed in Alachua County, followed by Duval in 1995. The District 2 CTSP has been recognized by numerous national organizations including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the AAA Auto Club South, the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, and Davis Productivity for outstanding traffic safety programs under Andrea Atran’s direction. 

Today, 62 CTSTs in Florida address safety through education, enforcement, engineering, and emergency services, all of which add to the richness of each team and allow broad collaboration in the solving of local traffic safety problems.