Occupant Protection

Seat belt usage remains the most effective way to reduce injuries and fatalities from crashes on our roadways. The Northeast Florida Community Traffic Safety Team continues to promote occupant protection and buckling up as not just a safety tool, but as a safe lifestyle.

New 2020 Buckle Up Campaign Graphics

Occupant Protection Campaign Graphics
Three new 11×17 “buckle up” poster designs.

We feel it’s imperative to continue to promote strong occupant protection messaging. This basic reminder to always buckle up for every car ride is carried through in all three design themes:

Retro StylePhone Down. Buckle Up.

EKG LifelineSeat Belts Save Lives. Always Buckle Up!

Seat Belt Angel Be Prepared. Be Protected. Buckle Up Religiously!

Three new 2’x5′ “buckle up” banner designs.

Buckling up is not just a trend, it’s a necessity, and “It’s the law.” Share these occupant protection social media graphics. Together we can make wearing seat belts a way of life for everyone. Please tag us @trafficsafetyteam on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, or @trafficsafetyfl on Twitter and Pinterest. Hashtag #buckleupflorida #trafficsafetyteam.

Buckle Up – Social Media Files:

Buckle Up – District Two Order Forms:

The new “Buckle Up” artwork is printed as 11″x17″ posters and 2’x5′ banners. All banners are in full color and beautiful to display. They are available to our Northeast Florida Traffic Safety Team members, partners, organizations, and our local communities.

Retro Style – Phone Down. Buckle Up. ORDER FORM

EKG Lifeline – Seat Belts Save Lives. ORDER FORM

Seat Belt Angel – Buckle Up Religiously! ORDER FORM

Additional Occupant Protection Resources:

For more information about occupant protection and our other traffic safety campaigns, please visit:

  1. No Regrets When You BUCKLE UP – Occupant Protection Safety Materials, Tip Cards, Bookmarks, and more.
  2. Child Passenger Safety – W.H.A.L.E. Check Program, Car Seat Crusaders, Video, Recommendations, and CPS Resources.
  3. Buckle Up Religiously – For Your Family. For Yourself. For Life.

Drive to Save Lives

U R The Key: Drive to Save Lives tour at area high schools

Car crashes continue to be the number one cause of death of teens. Cara Filler, whose identical twin sister was killed in a crash while riding with her boyfriend, who was speeding and showboating, presented Drive to Save Lives to many Jacksonville and St. Augustine high school students. She uses her personal tragedy to educate teens in a positive and simple way on how to be a safe passenger, how to get out of driving with an impaired or dangerous driver, and how to take personal charge of your own safety, emphasizing “your life, your choice.”

Special thanks to Florida SADD and grants from State Farm and the Florida Teen Safe Driving Coalition for making Cara’s life-saving presentations available at eight of our schools.

Your Community Traffic Safety Team and other educational outreach of groups such as SADD and the Teen Safe Driving Coalition continue to do all possible to decrease teen deaths on our roadways. Through presentations such as Cara’s, our community leaders and partners are helping to ensure that teen drivers have the information, motivation, and tools to keep them safe on the road.

Cara’s powerful presentation will not be forgotten by students and faculty, whose response was enthusiastic and positive. A video recorded and produced by Favorite Studios is a highlight of the full presentation.