Signal Four Analytics

On April 24, 2024, the District Two Traffic Safety Program held a virtual Districtwide Discussion about the power of data. The informational presentation offered an in-depth overview of FDOT Target Zero’s Signal Four Analytics public dashboard. Most importantly, these crash facts and research data are available to help improve traffic safety.

Signal Four Analytics Dashboard Overview Video

Tracking Target ZERO with Signal Four Analytics

  • County-specific crash fact reports with different Strategic Highway Safety emphasis areas are provided at monthly Traffic Safety Team meetings.
  • Safety grant funds are dependent upon data-based facts.
  • Understanding the data will help understand roadway and driver behaviors to make improvements, reduce fatalities, and work toward the Target ZERO.
  • Signal Four Analytics, Florida’s traffic safety public dashboard, is free and easy to use. 

Data-Driving Insight and Strategy

Our new rural-inspired campaign is an example of looking at the numbers and using that data to promote safer roads. After studying national reports and FDOT Target Zero’s Signal Four Analytics, we developed a country-themed “Buckle Up and Slow Down” message.

speeding, aggressive drivers, occupant protection, Country Buckle Up Belt and Slow Down Belt Buckle

We found an overrepresentation of fatality and injury crashes with young men, ages 18–24, in Northeast Florida rural counties caused by speeding and lower safety belt usage. We want young male drivers to change their attitudes about speeding and realize it’s not worth the risk to their lives or future. The goal is to make buckling up and driving at safe speeds the social norm. To learn more, go to our Slow Down post.

Levy and Suwannee are two counties in Northeast Florida with a population under 44,000. Compared with other similarly sized counties in Florida, they are ranked most problematic (#1 and #3) in terms of speed and teen drivers, per the FY2024 Highway Safety Matrix.

Population is one factor not included in the Signal Four Analytics but often needs to be considered. We’ve had substantial population growth in our 18-county district, some counties much more than others. This graph shows the continual increase in our Northeast Florida area.

Together, we can enhance community traffic safety with crash data and Signal Four Analytics.