Traffic Safety Subgrants

How to Apply for Traffic Safety Grants

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What are FDOT Subgrants?

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) State Safety Office awards subgrants to traffic safety partners. Criteria include undertaking priority area programs and activities to improve traffic safety and reduce crashes, serious injuries, and fatalities. Subgrants may be awarded for assisting in addressing traffic safety deficiencies, expansion of an ongoing activity, or development of a new program.

Subgrants are awarded to state and local safety-related agencies as “seed” money to assist in the development and implementation of programs in traffic safety priority areas. Funding for these subgrants are apportioned to states. This occurs annually from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) according to a formula based on population and road miles. Occasionally, additional funding may be available for projects in other program areas if there is documented evidence of an identified problem.

Priority areas to improve traffic safety and reduce crashes, serious injuries, and fatalities:
Aging Road Users

Community Traffic Safety
Distracted Driving
Impaired Driving
Motorcycle Safety
Occupant Protection and Child Passenger
Safety Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety
Police Traffic Services
Speed and Aggressive Driving
Teen Driver Safety
Traffic Records
Traffic Record Coordinating Committee (TRCC)
Work Zone Safety

Who is Eligible to Apply for a Subgrant?

Many types of organizations are eligible to receive traffic safety subgrant funding. These include government agencies, political subdivisions of state, local, city and county government agencies, law enforcement agencies, state colleges and state universities, school districts, fire departments, public emergency service providers, and certain qualified non-profit organizations (e.g., MADD, SADD, etc.).

What is the Funding Cycle?

Subgrants are awarded on a federal fiscal year basis (October 1–September 30). Below is a timeline of the subgrant process.

Highway Safety Funds Subgrant Process Timeline

  • January 1–February 28—Entities interested in applying for funding submit concept papers describing their proposed efforts for the next award cycle that begins October 1.
  • August–September—Entities are notified if their concept paper has been selected and provided with additional information on how to complete the subgrant.
  • October 1—Subgrant fiscal year begins
  • September 30—Subgrant fiscal year ends

FDOT Overview for Traffic Safety Subgrants

  • Grant applications due February 28, 2021.
  • Applications are fully electronic.
  • Each agency must assign two administrators to use the system.
  • Subrecipient Administrator Request form must be completed.
  • Send completed form to Danielle King,

Subgrant Information and Resources Available Online

Visit FDOT Traffic Safety Grants to learn more about:

  • Selection process
  • Data matrices
  • How to submit a concept paper
  • Sample concept papers

Visit FDOT Traffic Safety Subgrants for:

  • Overview
  • Eligibility
  • Funding Cycle
  • Links to additional related pages

See Fiscal Year 2022 Highway Safety Concept Paper Instructions (PDF file).