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Team Meetings and Events

Safety is our number one goal. Currently there are no in-person events scheduled. The Northeast Florida DOT District Two Traffic Safety Team meetings and events will remain virtual until further notice. We share your concern and want you to know our commitment is to the safety and well-being of our members. Details, updates and instructions to join virtual Traffic Safety Team meetings and events will be emailed.

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2022 Team Meeting Schedule

2022 CTST Meeting Schedule

Meetings: Click here to download the PDF.

2022 Calendar of Traffic Safety Events

2022 Calendar of Events

Events: Click here to download the PDF.

The events calendar lists all the traffic safety awareness months, weeks and days throughout the year. In addition, there are enforcement waves, safety campaigns, appreciations, and seasonal events. We promote important educational materials, reminders, and tips for all these traffic-related events. Please follow us on social media and become a Virtual Volunteer. All you need to do is like and share our traffic safety information.

The agenda for each Community Traffic Safety Team virtual meeting includes evaluating new and ongoing engineering concerns. Additionally, we review public information, construction updates, and traffic safety program reports, resources and events. In the meeting, we discuss Strategic Highway Safety Plan strategies and county crash data. This local approach helps solve issues and improve safety on our roadways.