Safety Campaigns

Traffic Safety Resources & Toolkits

Your Community Traffic Safety Team is proud to produce and distribute a wide variety of important safety materials to help reduce and prevent serious injuries and fatalities on our roadways.
















Here is a list of some of our main traffic safety campaigns:

  • Car Seat Crusaders
  • Celebrate Safely, Designate A Driver
  • Recipes for the Road, Mocktail Book
  • WHALE Check, Child Passenger Safety
  • No Regrets When You DRIVE WITH CARE
    • Buckle Up Florida
    • Distracted Driving
    • Bicycle Safety
    • Sharrow – Share The Road
    • Pedestrian Safety
    • Motorcycle Safety
    • School Bus Safety
    • Weather Safety
  • Buckle Up In Your Truck
  • Buckle Up Religiously
  • Education Safety for Kids, Safe Routes to School

In 2013, we introduced a campaign titled “No Regrets When You Drive With Care”. Initially launched with three safety topics covering: Distracted Driving, Bicyclists Safety and Pedestrians Safety. Today the Drive with Care motto also incorporates additional traffic issues including Motorcycle Safety, School Bus Safety, Inclement Weather Driving and the most important, Buckle Up message.

In 2015, statewide Child Passenger Safety video was developed along with our Car Seat Crusaders team of technicians and volunteers to reinforce the updated child restraint law. In 2016, we took Distracted Driving to a new level with a special emoji sticker handout and video. We will continue to expand our safety campaigns to cover other vital traffic safety information.