Pedestrian Safety-Traffic Control Box Wraps

Pedestrian Safety – Traffic Control Box Wraps: “Push, Wait, Walk”

Jacksonville, Florida – Your Community Traffic Safety Team is dedicated to “Bringing You Home Safely.” Please remember to always use the crosswalk or cross at an intersection – not in the middle of the block. Walk on the sidewalk or walk facing traffic as far over as possible when a sidewalk is not available. Constantly be aware and make sure drivers see you!

Above is a quick highlight video of the pedestrian safety message installed around traffic control boxes by Northeast Florida Department of Transportation. Your Community Traffic Safety Team has been targeting drivers with their “No Regrets When You DRIVE WITH CARE” safety messages and continues to promote safe driving education and reminders. This past year, the campaign extended out onto the streets for a positive reminder to everyone walking on our streets to be safe and arrive alive.

Over 70 pedestrian safety traffic control box wraps have been installed in Northeast Florida. The message reminds walkers to “Always Use The Crosswalk, Walk On Sidewalks & Be Aware!” When crossing a lighted intersection with a crosswalk, it is important to “Push” the crosswalk button, “Wait” for the light to change and cars to completely stop, then “Walk” with caution while making sure oncoming cars are stopping and drivers see you in the crosswalk.

pedestrian safety - traffic control wraps

Video clip of the first pedestrian safety message being installed on a traffic control box: Crosswalk Safety

Visit our Pedestrian Safety page for more information and resources.

See FirstCoastNews’ report on our initiative to spread awareness and help protect pedestrians and bicyclists in our community. (Juliette Dryer, WTLV 6:01 PM. EDT July 06, 2017)

Watch News4Jax story about a “Woman hit crossing Beach Boulevard.” (Ashley Harding,








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Drive to Save Lives

U R The Key: Drive to Save Lives tour at area high schools

Jacksonville and St Augustine – Cara Filler presented her Drive To Save Lives to many of our local high school students. Cara’s identical twin sister was killed in a crash while driving with her boyfriend, who was speeding and showboating. Cara uses her personal tragedy to educate teens in a positive and “doesn’t feel like learning” way on how to be a safe passenger, how to get out of driving with an impaired or dangerous driver, and how to take personal charge of your own safety.

“Your life. Your choice.”

Car crashes continue to be the number one cause of death for our teens. Having this amazing, national speaker available to our schools for free to discuss the importance of teen traffic safety was priceless. Special thanks go out to Florida SADD with grants from State Farm and the Florida Teen Safe Driving Coalition for making these life-saving presentations happen at eight of our schools.

Our Community Traffic Safety Team and other educational outreach of groups like SADD and the Teen Safe Driving Coalition continue to do all that we can to drive down teen deaths on our roadways. Our community leaders and partners help ensure teen drivers are provided with the information, motivation and tools that will keep them safe on the road.

Cara is a natural speaker, engaging and memorable. This powerful tour will not be forgotten by the students. The video, recorded and produced by Favorite Studios, is only a highlight of the full presentation which lasted about an hour. There was such an enthusiastic response from students and faculty, we can hope to see more of these teen safety events in the future.

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Phone Down, Eyes Up!

Stay Happy & Alive – Focus on Driving

Northeast Florida’s Community Traffic Safety Team introduces their new Distracted Driving Safety Campaign with the help of a few emoji friends…Some initial reactions range from big smiles to all out laughing, to surprise and serious chill bumps. Distracted driving is no laughing matter. While this is a more unique and light-hearted approach to remind everyone not to text and drive, it has a grave message. Pay attention when you’re behind the wheel. Don’t forget to always wear your seat belt. It isn’t just a good idea, IT”S THE LAW.


In addition to the distracted driving emoji PSA safety video, a tag-a-long flyer was created. But it’s not just an ordinary handout that gets tossed out. The safety card is also a sticker sheet.  So just peel off your favorite emoji face, happy or sad, and get a cool sticker with an important safety reminder. On the back are more traffic safety tips. These are great for young teen drivers and those of us that need the occasional reminder stop texting while driving. This includes checking emails, social media, stocks, news, games and other apps. Phone Down, Eyes Up! Buckle Up!!

Emoji Sticker Safety Flyer

Distracted Driving Emoji Sticker Safety Flyer

Behind the scenes emoji style with Favorite Studios

Even though distracted driving is not a laughing matter, we did have a lot fun making this commercial. Creating the concept, illustrating the emoji faces and making the emoji masks brought lots of smiles and very little blood, sweat or tears. Shooting the video brought a whole new set of challenges, but it’s totally worth our efforts if we save just one life. And hopefully make a difference in how we all drive. First responders, FHP, local police and emergency personal deserve a big thank for all they do at the scene of a car crash when accidents happen. Special appreciation goes out to our local St Johns County Fire Rescue and crew at the Murabella Fire Station 16. Their insight, knowledge and willingness to help was amazing.

emoji distracted driver behind-the-sceneThe creative and video crew learned real-life procedures and the serious consequences of not focusing on the road driving safe. Our emoji driver was seriously injured in the video, while the passenger friends did not. This is what the driver said about the experience, “Actually texting while driving, even under the controlled conditions during filming was frightening. But nothing prepared me for being strapped onto a gurney. It’s uncomfortable and pulse raising to say the least. I never want to be in a real car accident!”

Visit our Distracted Driving safety page for more tips and distracted driving crash facts.

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